Script to import ClassTime timetable into Google Calendar
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Script to import a timetable from ClassTime into Google Calendar.

Usage [-tz|--timezone] <timezone> [-c|--calendar] <calendar id> <timetable>
  • --timezone: Timezone in TZ database. Defaults to Europe/London.
  • --calendar: ID of calendar to apply to. To find: calendar settings > click your calendar under "Settings for my calendar", "Calendar ID" under Integration at bottom of page.
  • <timetable>: .timetable file can be exported through the share menu in the ClassTime app.

On the first run, a browser window will open where you can login. Credentials are saved to token.pickle/credentials.json.

Known problems

  • Currently only works with A/B week timetables. Each should be imported separately, at which time the script will ask whether it is for the current week. If you have a single timetable, either import twice as different weeks or change self.recurrence's interval.
  • The delete from calendar script was too rough to include, so there's no way to quickly remove classes from the calendar.


Check LICENSE.txt. Code taken from in includes Copyright notice